Medical Meditation Part 4 The End Game

Medical Meditation Part 3 Intention

Medical Meditation Part 2 Visualization

Medical Meditation Part 1 Meditation the Beginning

Medical Meditation

Hey check out my new web site

Check out my new website. I am now Inner Body Healing Arts

Crohn’s Colitis Q&A

Hello. I’ve been working with my friend and the Founder of CureIBD on FaceBook, Joel Sprechman. Joel contacted me after reading my book I Healed my Crohn’s Colitis Free the Body… the Mind will Follow.
We are opening up a question and answer session that will be presented on CureIBD on Facebook and I Healed my Crohn’s Colitis on Facebook on a future date.
We would love to get questions from you about Crohn’s Colitis. Just email your questions to Joel and I will go through the questions and answer them.
When sending us a question, please include:
1. Give us a little information about yourself, your name (first only is fine), what country you’re from.
2. What is your question(s)?
We will do our best to answer every question. Thank you


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