Crohn's Colitis: Just for the record

Crohn’s Colitis: Just for the record

I was at a local restaurant with my wife where the owner and some of the wait staff know me.  They knew about my story with Crohn’s Colitis. The owner asked me to tell my story to her waitress who has Colitis because she just got out of the hospital after a month’s stay.  So the waitress looked at me square in the eye saying to her manager “tell her there is no cure for Colitis”.

I looked at her and said “you’re asking the wrong person”.

Then in a polite manner she asked, “so you healed yourself?” and followed with “so you must not have been that sick”.

My wife spoke up saying “he has been symptom free for over twenty years and takes no medicines but his intestines still have some ulcers”.

The waitress waited for me to answer her question and as I looked deep I could see her eyes saying “well I’m waiting”. I don’t like to talk about my sickness much but I needed to explain how sick I was to her so she would understand where I had been and how far I’ve come. And that she can too.

To start out I am 6’3” and now weigh 245 lbs.

1.     When I was sick I weighed 145 lbs. and I worked 4 days a week, 12 hours a day.

2.     I lived on TPN a couple of times to give my body a rest.

3.     I was on an assortment of drugs azulfidine, prednisone, immuran, and methotrexate.

4.     I was hospitalized twice.

5.     Usually after I ate I would either end up vomiting or having diarrhea.

6. Then I was told as a last resort I was going to receive an Ostomy.  I said no.

I have a belief about Crohn’s and/or Colitis, I believe we all have weak spots in our bodies and mine is my intestines.  Now I am just speaking for myself here, and I believe when I deal with my stress instead of swallowing it, my intestines feel great, which leads me to outline how I got control of my life and health.

1.     I taught myself meditation to deal with stress.

2.     Through meditation I moved my mind forward from being sick to living health.

3.     Looking back I can see Crohn’s Colitis became the center of my life.  I took my life back.

4.     Twenty years later Crohn’s Colitis does not get any thought unless in trying to help others I talk about it.

5.     The few ulcers that might be hanging around are a beautiful reminder to stay on track in my life, and I have great life.

6.     I don’t take any medicines and I meditate and I live like my beautiful wife put it: symptom free.

7.     I say I don’t have time for being sick.

If you have any question or comments please leave a reply, whether you are an old friend or someone I have not met yet, It’d be great to hear from you.




2 thoughts on “Crohn’s Colitis: Just for the record

  1. Hi Bob, Thanks for sharing!
    I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in the small intestine recently, but I have been battling symptoms and flare ups for at least 6-7 yrs. I know that I have been in a world of stress since a young age and can definitely relate most of the flare ups to these anxiety attacks. I am an artist and musician and have always used my talent for therapy and healing… Even more so since these symptoms have been quite heavy and disabling lately. So, I can see where the meditation can be very helpful.
    However, how did the weight loss issue disappear? I am a small person as it is and had never gained any weight besides muscle my whole life, I had the nickname “big dish” because I would always eat way more than everyone and they wondered where I put it. At some point, my relatives began to think I was doing the scarf n barf because I looked so skinny. And/Or they thought I was on drugs. Hence, a stressful environment growing up of people who wouldn’t listen, would call me a hypochondriac, or assume I was messed up in the head. I’m sure growing up in a conservative environment as a liberal artist didn’t help the understanding either. I have always been a very conscious person with my intake of anything and the health of my mind and body. Still, I went to so many Dr. appointments and no one could help me all they would say is I think you have IBD, here’s some pills. So that being said, I eat, eat, and eat and still lose weight. I am a healthy eater and have recently been attempting raw to see if it will help my lack of nutrient absorption. I have already been gluten and dairy free for a few years now. Did you at any point try different diets? Or did all the healing stem from this deep meditation? I will not take meds and am tired of restricting myself from certain foods because I would like to continue my performances as a traveling artist and “clean” food is hard to come by on the road… any suggestions?
    Thanks ! ~Jennaé

    • Hi Jennae, That is a big question to answer here. But, i would love to talk to you. I ate like a horse myself and then i would puke or the other end. I have skype if you want to set a time up where we can talk that would work great. I didn’t do a diet per say it was the see food diet I see it I ate it.
      Please email me back if you want to skype with me and then you can pick my brain.

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