Sometimes You’re Alone

Crohn’s Colitis: Sometimes You’re Alone

Sometimes You’re Alone

In life there are times that you are alone.  There are people all around you but no communication.  Talking happens but no connection. That’s why personal connections are so powerful and so necessary. They keep us from feeling alone.  As time goes by some connections fade and new ones get created. That is how life is.  Then sometimes you are just alone, maybe by choice.  Nothing and no one can reach you because you have become unreachable. You just want silence. You just are. 

Sometimes I go into those places and act like I am in a bad mood; not snapping at anyone but acting distant and standoffish so I can be alone.  I want to feel alone sometimes; quiet, just listening to my inner self with no interruptions, no outside stimuli.  Meditation is great for that too but that’s a set time that I put aside.  The alone time I am talking about is during the activity of the day.

When we see each other’s eyes open we want to connect and talk and share what we are doing and thinking.  But sometimes I need a whole day or two to just be alone, with my eyes open.  I might be in public at work, doing my job performing my duties, just wanting to be alone with my thoughts.  So if people ask, I share with them that I am thinking about a problem and I just need to be alone and I carry on. 

Sometimes it is so great being alone. You don’t have to react to what people talk about.  We all have our ways of sharing with people that we are listening and that we care about what they’re saying. We validate each other’s feelings and laugh or cry with each other.  We talk out our problems and we give advice.  This is all good, it helps remind us that we have community. But, it can also take a lot of energy and sometimes you have none to give. That’s when I go into my alone time.

Give it a try.


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