One thought on “Leading a Horse to Water

  1. Fast forward four years later and I just watched “Forks Over Knives” a documentary dedicated to opening up the eyes of many Americans and those who follow an American diet. I am pretty well convinced that my illness was caused by the way I ate. Processed foods, mac and cheese, hamburgers, french fries, sugary foods, etc was how I rolled. I spent a year in agony because of it. I also later learned that Ulcertive Colitis is also affected by stress. What my friend said about having compassion for myself wound up true. As the site says, “STRESS: You may feel worried, embarrassed, or even sad or depressed about having a bowel accident. Other stressful events in your life, such as moving, or losing a job or a loved one can cause digestive problems. Ask your doctor or nurse for tips on your to manage your stress.”** I’m also pretty well convinced that my PTSD was related to my problems but not quite as much as my diet. I say this because after four years in remission I still suffer from some stress, but I am physically healed. There was also a study I read about on the BBC that related stress in our lives as children leading to inflammatory disease in adults, so, there could be a connection.

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