Harvesting The Healing Mind

Harvesting the Healing Mind

Today we are going to get past the stigma of the word meditation. When I say the word meditation and people who are not familiar or don’t understand what meditation is might get the wrong idea and think they are joining a cult or doing something mystical or going against their belief systems. Even after I post this some people are still going to believe that, and that fine. For those of you who are still reading this great let’s get to business.

Meditation is another word for really focusing your mind. There is a thousand way to do this. We focus our minds every day. The media does it for us every day. They use pleasant pictures and comforting music showing you how your life going to be during a commercial for medicine and the side effects are going to melt your insides. The news posting a banner of Breaking News on the bottom of your screen and you stare at it waiting for the news. Volume on your TV going up during a commercial, using flashing colors and lights to catching your eye. The newscasters timing how they speak and communicate by using calculated voice patterns. There is a whole science behind getting the viewers to watching their program and keeping them watching. Because it’s not the show they care about it, it’s the companies buying time during the show to sell their products. These company selling products have only so much time to get into your head. If you want to read more about this it’s an interesting subject.

However, let’s get down to business. Right now how do you focus on your illness? Think about it are you sick hoping to get well? Are you healthy waiting for your body to catch up to your thinking?
That what I am referring to. The doctor told me there was no cure, anyone else? He lined up my possible treatments medicine, medicine, medicine, and then surgery. Well, I got all the way up to surgery and then said no. How far are you on this list?

The mind controls the body. People have told you, you are sick and you believe you are sick, are you sick? Yes, because you believe you are. What if you didn’t listen and you told your body you were healthy what do you think would happen? That what I did 30 years ago and I have been symptom-free for 30 years.

I started reading about visualization and how to picture something I wanted in a positive way. However, I had problems focusing my mind for more than a second when I started learning about mediation.

I will write another post soon explaining more so stay tuned. For now, start picturing your future without illness throughout the day.

Here are the rules:

1. Your visualization or picture is about your complete health.
2. You only see it until you don’t. Be patient
3. Don’t be afraid to build on your visualization every day in a positive manner. Dream Baby Dream until its completely real!
4. Do it every day even if you have to set time aside to practice.

If you have questions reach out. Also if you have a sick friend but not Crohn’s or Colitis share this with them. I believe it could make any one’s life better. I believe the mind controls your body I think we need to listen. The question I asked myself so many years ago. Why is my body fighting against me? Why is my body screaming at me? What is in my life causing such a Dis-ease? God doesn’t make junk.


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