Using your Mind as a Tool

Using the Mind as a Tool
So who took time each day to create a visualization of your new healthy body? Who did it during the day and who made a set time to do it every day? I am asking this because I did both. I set up a time every day and it was right before I went to bed and when I remembered during the day I would picture my healthy body when I was working or driving even when I was going to the bathroom.

When I tell people this and they say they don’t have the time, I reply then you’re not sick enough yet. I didn’t understand this back then but I know it now, don’t let fear be the thing that keeps you sick. Not understanding something that can be remedied. Stepping outside your comfort zone can be uncomfortable but with time it becomes comfortable. However, not trying to reinforces your illness.

When I started this I had nothing to lose. I was still fearful and uncomfortable so I told my wife and no one else. In this day and age, you hear about meditation and stress relief every day. So finding information on meditation is nothing but a couple keystrokes. However, word to the wise stick with me for a while, because if you’re new to meditation, meditation is a deep rabbit hole. So, before you start researching and get overwhelmed please stick with me, and after you are healed then research all you want.

So what does a healthy body look like? My healthy body looked like I was never sick, I added muscles and abs and made myself into what I want. My life was absent from sickness. I was responsible like every other healthy person. I had to take my life back and that included the things I didn’t want to do and used my illness as an excuse. Think about that statement. I couldn’t use my illness as an excuse.

What is going to be your sign that you’re improving? I wanted to live symptom-free, no cramps, no flare-ups, no blood, weight gain, be able to go to work every day, and a solid bowel movement in the toilet. I didn’t do like most people picturing a doctor saying I was healed. That going to take time. But, live symptom-free I had in 6 months. Because my goal was seeing a bowel movement in the toilet and I saw that in 6 months after 5 years suffering. I think I would have done better if I had instructions but someone has to be the first.

This is what I believe. The mind runs the body, science has proven the mine doesn’t know the difference between seen or visualized information. If the mind runs the body, the body seeing the new visualization of a healthy body is going to start turning the body’s visuals of illness into visuals of health. Like turning a big boat it’s going to change course and start repairing the body into the healthy vision it’s seeing every day. So stay the course.

In this week’s assignment if you choose to accept it, do a 10-minute humming meditation every day this week. At the end of the 10 minutes visualize your new healthy body and life. Here is a link to my Website Inner Body Healing Arts just follow the instructions to the humming meditation file.
Click here https://innerbodyhealingarts.wixsite.com/innerbo…/meditation


2 thoughts on “Using your Mind as a Tool

  1. Elisa says:

    Dear Bob, I just want to thank you for keeping this blog and resources alive. I just ran into your story today, ordered your book and can’t wait to read more. I totally agree with your statements and I am also not new to meditation and this type of information, although theory is unfortunately much easier than practice. I have a biomedical background so my analytical mind makes it difficult for me to fully believe any approach will work, and that I (other people might) can heal something I’ve studied to be chronic. I had quite a healthy diet before this and something didn’t resonate with me about keeping down the rabbit hole of more matter to matter approaches, more diet changes (as in Dr Klein’s book which I bought and followed for some weeks). On the contrary, this has made me want to eat more things than I was eating before this came about. So trying to overcome limiting beliefs that these diseases are caused by pathogens or autoimmunity, etc, depending on the source. I got extremely happy when I googled “I healed colitis with thoughts” and found your book. I’m 28 and this issue really makes you think your life is over, from one day to the next, even though I’ve suffered from IBS since I was 11 I had never let anything stop me, but this is different. Again, sorry for rambling and many thanks. Hopefully I can start applying your knowledge soon and really trusting the process

    • Hi Elisa, I am sorry it took me a long time to get back. I moved to Facebook because it is easier to keep updated with. Please reach out to me with your questions. You can Go to my Facebook Page I healed My Crohns Colitis and join then just reach out.

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