My story and Crohn’s Colitis

The universe works in mysterious ways.  I think back to how I even got involved in Meditation, Chi Gung, Reflexology, Reiki, Body Energy Balancing and the study of thought itself, and it amazes me.  It started for me with being diagnosed with Crohn’s Colitis in my 20s and going through the treatments which at the time were new and amazing.

I went the route of traditional treatments for several years until the doctors said they wanted to do the one thing I was afraid of: give me a colostomy bag. The news hit hard and I thought about it, and made the decision, and said no. I am not going to go into my war stories that illness bestows upon all of us.  But, I will tell you I have been symptom free for about twenty years and medicine free for about the same.

I will tell you I did heal myself with meditation and changing my life.  Before that, the actions that made up my life were creating the breeding ground for my illness.  Each of our stories are different.  Each of our living conditions are different.  Each of our bodies are different. Each of us has our own belief system. It comes down to what we are ready to let go so we can return back to health.

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11 Responses

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. hey, you have a great site.think im gonna bookmark it. thanks for the really great work. cheers, guys

  3. Interesting journey you have been on and the use of Meditation sounds like it did work wonders-have a great day

  4. Great site! I use combination of yoga/meditation and diet to control my Crohn’s also… I also find that the more I work out – jog or other cardio – the better I feel. Must be the endorphins. Lots of good stuff to explore on your site.

  5. Hi Bob,
    Just came upon your site,its great thank you.I am a severe crohns sufferer and am heading for my fourth operation. I truly believe that we can heal our bodies from illnesses that we create but I just cant seem to put my good intentions into actions.I am hoping that through your website and book I will finally be able to control this dreadful condition.
    thanks again

  6. You really inspired me. I’m trying to manage my Ulcerative Proctitis naturally, without drugs also. I have started using meditation and Reiki more regularly recently and praying for similar results. I also love to exercise, but unfortunately haven’t been too well for the past year, so did not do much on that front, apart from walking my dog in nature daily. Being in permanent remission would be a dream come true.

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