A Great Set of Questions about Faith

Crohn’s Colitis:A Great Set of Questions about Faith

A Great Set of Questions about Faith

I received some great questions after the “You’ve Got to Have Faith” post.  I would like to share the answers with you.  Here are the questions:

Sounds great….so, how do you attain “faith”?  Is it a choice to live in this state of being?  Is it surrender to a higher power?  Is it unconditional trust in the Universe that everything happens for a divine reason?

Question 1) Can you attain “faith”?  No, you create faith. It is a thought like any other. You craft it into what works for you and what you think might be true. We all gather our beliefs about ourselves and our universe by sharing thoughts and beliefs with others. We blend different people’s (or religious) beliefs together with our ideas and experience until we feel comfortable with what come up with.

Question 2) Is it a choice to live in this state of being? Yes, a state of being is also created using thought.

Question3) Is it surrender to a higher power?   Rather than surrender, I call it trust. However, you are your higher power. It is not giving something up to a force outside of yourself.  Your higher power is a creation that you think up, give its powers, make male or female, and so on.  Sooner or later you will realize that it’s not just your higher power/self that is worthy and has these ideals, it is actually you.

Question 4) Is it unconditional trust in the Universe that everything happens for a divine reason? Trust in the universe might be your creation, and yes, it happens to be mine.  It’s important to notice that whatever you believe is your creation and it is your tool, so use it.  When you give energy and intention to that tool it becomes powerful. I create my life and my faith every day. I choose to trust in the universe to give me everything I need to create what I need for my life.  That faith that I have in the universe is when I have too much information coming into my mind and my ego becomes overwhelmed,  I can hand it over to the universe to help me see a solution. 

This is my creation using my thoughts about faith: Faith is a partnership of my ego and my soul. Together what they create is balance.  The soul understands connections, creation, and forever.  The ego understands the body, emotions, and death. Together they understand they can move mountains, they can manifest anything, and they create anything. Faith is an abstract creation, it is a thought in something that we cannot validate or prove or see materialize in front of us. 

My father and I would talk about the church during my visits with him and my mother.  My father prayed for 6 hours a day, every day.  These conversations were at the point when the church was going downhill fast.  One day after one of our heated discussions he looked me square in the eye and said, “Bob you just don’t get it. I am here for god, I just choose to go to that church, that’s all.”  I never picked a fight about the church again because I realized anywhere that man went he was in his church, the church he built with his faith. My father’s creation of god and his faith in it gave him his strength to do what he did in his life.  You’ve got to have faith.

You’ve got to have faith.