A New Life

Crohn’s Colitis: A New Life

A New Life

A good friend sent me a picture of her new niece recently.  My friend’s dream and one reason she became a Reiki Master was to share Reiki with her new niece. I expect that my friend will share the universal energy with her niece, but I am also confident that she will be there to help teach her new niece how to be the wonderful, talented, and beautiful person she was born being, as well.

I believe that in this day and age our culture is taking steps to promote self love, self worth and teaching these important values to every child. I can’t wait to see all these young children grow up and see the changes that they will make in the world.  I hope I will see that each child loves and sees god in every person they meet.  I hope they will see that all life is precious.  I hope to see a change in how we do business around the world where it is not controlled by money or power but by sharing, and sharing is the currency of this new economy.  I hope they learn to see our mistakes and the mistakes of the generations before us, and to have the strength to finish what we have started, to right the wrongs, to clean up the planet, to fight injustice, and to finish the fight for human rights.   

We have come a long way with teaching children so parents, pat yourself on the back.  My parents always said to me, I want you to have more than I did when I grew up.  There is no better gift to receive from a parent than the gifts of self love, self worth, and believing that you are important and that you matter.