A Sign from God

Crohn’s Colitis: A Sign from God

A Sign from God

In my last post “Getting Back to the Reason Why” I talked about how god leaves me signs telling me that I am on the right path.  My editor reminded me of one of these stories that I shared with her when it happened.  She thought if I shared it with you it might help you see how your own signs might be presented to you even if you think that it was just good luck or coincidence. 

One day a few years ago when the economy was down, the company I worked for would offer no work no pay.  That meant that there was not enough work so you could go home without pay or if you wanted to stay you could paint or sweep the floor or do whatever they needed done.  Since I had a lot to do around my house I elected to go home but, the person that I rode in with stayed at work. 

Long story short I started walking home, about a ten mile walk.  I got on the road and started thumbing. I know it is not safe but I really don’t believe that someone is going to pick up a guy who’s 250 pounds at 9:00 in the morning and try to hurt him, which would be the start of a bad day.

I walked about half of a mile when a car pulled over in front of me.  I ran to the car and looked into the window to see this little old lady.  She started moving her groceries from the front seat to the back seat and said, “Where you going?”

I looked at her and told her where I lived.  I was uncomfortable taking a ride from her because it was just so weird but I got in the front seat and we started off.  I told her my name and we started to talk. As we drove down the road she told me a little about her life and I shared a little about mine.  I never shared anything about my illness or meditation.  So I asked her about her family and that was when her face got sad.  I said, “What’s wrong?”

She looked at me and said, “I am worried about my granddaughter, she is really sick.”

I asked, “What is wrong with her?”

She looked at me and said, “She has Crohn’s Colitis, have you ever heard of it?”

I smiled to myself because I was starting to doubt my path for a few months up to this day, wondering if I was doing the right thing.  I understood at that moment that it was a sign to keep going and I was doing the right thing.  I shared my story with her about my illness and about meditation and what I did to heal.   That nice lady brought me right into the driveway of my home where she told me to get her a brochure to give to her daughter, who would give it her granddaughter.

When I got back to the car with the brochure I asked her one question. I said, “Do you pick up hitchhikers all the time?”

She looked at me and with a smile said, “No. As I drove by you I had a feeling I had to talk to you and you would not harm me.”  She went on to say with even a bigger smile, “You were my first.” And she laughed and backed out of my yard.