A Vision of Heaven

Crohn’s Colitis:A Vision of Heaven

A Vision of Heaven

I went to teach my chanting class today (Saturday) and I want to share what happened to me.  I had a vision of heaven. I always wanted to give myself over to god or whatever you want to call it.  But, I am a very visual person and I did not know what to picture, or feel, or what to look for, or at.

This is a question I have been asking myself my whole adult life.  Trust me, I was told what “he” looked like when I was a kid but that was someone else’s version of god.  Now as an adult I realize I have been searching for my own vision of god.

As I was chanting with class today, a vision of the mala I use flashed into my mind and on every bead was the word “god” written on it.  (Just for your knowledge, my mala has nothing written on any of the beads.)  That vision flashed by and I kept chanting.

Then a thought or rather, question, popped into my head: “what does god look like?” That question did not flash away like the vision of the mala. It stayed there. So, I watched it.  I started seeing pictures of men and pictures of people’s renditions of what god should look like if we  could see him.  I was chanting while all this was going on, and then the next question came blowing through my mind: “do I need to call it god?”

I watched that thought for a split second until “universe” came across the screen and as I watched this thought, my class disappeared and I was sitting in front of a beautiful ball of bluish/white energy. I was going to call this light, but is was more than light. 

I sat there and all I felt was me and this beautiful bluish/white universe. It became part of me as I became part of it.  I noticed as I sat there that I was taking in this energy and it was all around me. It was like I was breathing it in and it was breathing me.  As I watched and felt all of this, I felt blown away. And as I did, the word “grace” floated in.  At that moment my core began to glow and I had, or it felt like I had, a halo.

I know this sounds farfetched but I shared this vision as a guided meditation in the class that followed the chanting class and it worked very well. 

One thing I almost forgot to add: as I sat there with my halo, I looked to my left and to my right and I saw other people with halos of different races, creeds, and colors.  I heard different names, different languages, and saw different symbols and signs, and all of them, as they gave themselves over, received the same grace that I was feeling and halos grew from inside of each of them.

I found and felt that we are all in a state of grace. We can all go to the well and receive. I believe it is our free will.  We are all wonderful and talented and beautiful spirits.  Maybe the vision that I am sharing with you is not your cup of “god”.  But, it is easy for me to see this and now it is my new home. It is a place, a vision that I give myself to and receive grace.  I hope this story helps you and inspires you to find your bluish/white energy that I call universe.  I hope you find your home like I found mine.