Becoming the Voice

Crohn’s Colitis: Becoming the Voice

Becoming the Voice

One day you are sitting in a deep meditation and you hear a voice.  You listen to the voice inside of your head and it is saying the most wonderful things.   So you start to wonder if are you going nuts. Is that voice talking to me?  Then of course the chatter from your ego starts up telling you not to listen to that voice because there’s no way you could be that wonderful.   So you challenge the voice by saying “are you the voice of god?” The voice just keeps speaking with words of light.  You repeat this three times and the voice says “you are safe, you are wonderful, talented, beautiful, and perfect”.

So you keep listening,  and you settle into what is happening.  You start to turn your attention away from the chatter of the ego and it becomes softer and softer.  You start listening to your breath again and you can still hear the clear voice in the background. 

You keep listening as you watch your breath in meditation and the voice goes on telling you that we are all light and your body is just light that has form.  Our thoughts are just survival tools taught to us by others in this ego world we live in.  The voice goes on saying to connect to your true self you need to understand that it is not only about what happens in this ego world but about connecting to the universe and having a connection to both worlds: the ego world we live in and the universal knowledge of everything.  When you make that leap of thought you will understand there is nothing in this ego world that is over powering, nothing is forever, change is happening every moment of every day, and we are all one.