Being Part of the Energy of the Universe

Crohn’s Colitis: Being Part of the Energy of the Universe

Being Part of the Energy of the Universe

One of my true loves is moving the energy or the light of the universe.  I connect to this energy to do healing treatments and I teach Reiki to others so they can explore it themselves.   The people that do meditation or some healing work know this energy.  Mothers and fathers know this energy even if they never knew they had it.

Let’s do a small experiment:  Put your palms about 4-6 inches apart and in your mind, create a ball of energy between the palms of your hands.  When you have visualized this ball, close your eyes and start to draw your hands slowly apart and then bring them close together again.  Feel the universal energy expand and contract between the palms of your hands.  Pretty cool, huh? 

If you look back in time, the people who understood this energy were the educated, the clergy, the royalty, and the occult.  Everyone else was too busy finding food and surviving.   These people understood that these “magical” powers equaled power which is why they rarely shared the knowledge of the energy of the universe and it was not understood or taught to the general public.  That is why it had been shrouded in secrecy and full of rich ritual and mysticism until now. 

And now, did you feel your palms? Yes. Can you apply it in your life?  Yes. Can you develop it? Yes. For every question I just asked the answer is a solid yes.  Play with your energy balls and if you have any questions leave a comment after the post.