Being Successful

Crohn’s Colitis: Being Successful

Being Successful

I want to write today about how to be successful. I started out not having much success in my life. I had learning disabilities and self esteem issues.  The story that I believed about myself was that I was a lower class person.

One thing I had going for me was that my mind was always coming up with good ideas. But, I would sabotage myself by not trying hard enough to see them through.  Or, I would sabotage myself by not telling anyone about my ideas. I was afraid someone would call me stupid or laugh at me because that was what I believed I was.

To get beyond those beliefs, one thing that I changed in my life was not worrying about whether I was successful or not.  Instead I started to think about what I can I do with my brain and the time that God has given me on  this earth. 

Have you ever truly wondered what you could create with the eight pound organ in your skull?

Thinking about what I can create with my brain has changed my life. I have observed how I think.  I have  become aware of how I learn and with help from my friends I have taught myself so now my learning disabilities are learning tools. I have successfully healed my body.

I have learned that my success is realizing I have no limitations holding me back.  My success is not about money or prestige but about what my brain is capable of doing.  At this point in my life it feels like my brain is a racecar and what good is owning a high-powered machine and never opening it up to see how fast it goes?

When you are done reading this, think about what I am saying.  It is true.  What can you do with your brain?  What could you change in your life just by opening the door and believing in your thoughts and in the power of your brain?  What success could you have in your life?