Changing Lanes

Crohn’s Colitis: Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes

In my last post, Looking Out the Rear-View Mirror, I talked about not trying to live in the past when you need to move forward with an illness.  It’s a challenge to move forward with illness because nothing is working in your life. The habits that you once had don’t work anymore.  Past thoughts, habits, stressors and beliefs of yourself might be making you more sick.  The people in your life who give you direction might be completely wrong. They too could be making you more sick.

When this was happening to me it felt like I was in the middle of the road with no place to go.  It was not easy. I felt like I had no direction, no past, no future. I was full of fear of the unknowns.  If you are feeling this way, this is when you need to start moving. Whether right or wrong, soon you will get feedback.  If it is wrong, you will feel worse. If it is right you will see signs saying it’s right.  The worst is standing still.

I know you want to reach your hand out and say “help me” at this time. However, to find your own way is where your true power is going to come from. Truly, you need to find your own direction. People have already led you down their roads. It’s now time to change lanes and find your way to your own cure.

We are meant to be powerful on our own and then share it with others.  We are not meant to get power from others so we can feel powerful ourselves; that is fake power and can be stripped away.  Change lanes.  


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I started a FaceBook group it is called Using your Mind and Thoughts to Heal Crohn’s Colitis. I hope you check it out.