Creating Our Universe

Crohn’s Colitis: Creating Our Universe

Creating Our Universe

We were talking in class today about the universe and its wonders.  I asked my class, and now I ask you, if no one shared any information about the universe or you had never heard the word “universe”, would it exist?  If no one had any information on the universe, would it have any power?  When we think about the word “universe” we automatically we come up with a definition that is our own and is different from everyone else’s.  Yes, some of our definitions might have the same wording or general understanding but each person’s idea of the universe is different.

So is each and every person’s thought of universe different?  Do you yourself give power to the universe?  If you give power to the universe, does that make you the universe? If your answer is yes then you are the creator of your universe, is that correct?  If it is, then can you change your whole universe?

We sat in meditation today changing our universes by realizing how we are the creators of our universe and by letting go of the old and stagnant beliefs, thoughts, rules and information told to us in the past.  We sat in a deep meditation taking the seat of power and creating on a level not in doubt and fear but in bringing in a beautiful white light and moving our thought forward to perpetuate the movement in our energy and bring change into our physical world.

What if you believed in one thought so strongly that you could bring it to life in your physical world?  What if you believed something so deeply, something like you are in the seat of power in your universe, and by simple changing your thought it would change your life? What would you say?  What would you do?  What would you change?