Crohn's Colitis: Enlighten Master

Crohn’s Colitis: Enlighten Master

Enlightened Master

I have been reading a lot of articles, posts, and books with “master” or “guru” in front of the writer’s name.  Well long story short I was talking with my editor and we got to talking about what does being a master mean?  So I wrote a post called “What is a true master” and sent it to her.  She read it and said it was pretty good, but with her tone said I could do better, without saying it.

As we talked one thing came to my mind: that I myself can only tell you my vision of what an enlightened master is.

So here is my vision. I am talking about more than self proclaimed masters or ones that have “made it” by studying scripture for twenty years or a person who has meditated for nine years staring at a wall.  These masters have what I call “time in” and earned a title. I believe this kind of mastership is based in this earth’s existence and is titled in ego if it does not go deeper into one’s being.

My vision of an enlightened master is this: you can tell right away, you see it in their eyes.   You feel it when you are near them.  They look at you and say  “how are you?” and smile and your problems melt away.  When they speak in a group it feels like he/she is talking directly to you.  When they speak with you alone they open your eyes to the bigger picture and they leave you with hope. An enlightened master understands that we, our egos, live in a world of happiness, sorrow, and a year is 365 days.  An enlightened master also understands the big picture of all things and that their body is a vessel that carries them until they have no more use for it, at which time the body is shed and they move back into the big picture once more.

An enlightened master realizes the power of thought, intention, and belief.  In their own unique and natural way, he/she provides support to people in need and also understands that the person in need is the only one who can bring positive change into their life.  The enlightened master understands sickness comes from thought and the energy of thought brings it to being. He/she understands that change is also a thought linked to intention and the energy of intention makes change happen.

The enlightened master I speak of lives in every one of us.  We have choices to live in ego or in soul and make the best of both. We have the sight to see the big picture or just to the end of our noses.  We can live for eighty years or we can understand that this life experience is just a blink of an eye for the soul.  We can pray on an earthly level or open our sights to the big picture where there are no questions or words to be said because we are complete.

I have seen some of these enlightened masters come out in the news.  They have given the answers to help save our planet or save miners that are stuck underground or land a plane in a harbor without getting hurt. These masters are everyday people solving problems, bringing hope and saving us all.   I believe our enlightened master is there for our beckon call. I believe that when the ego moves to the side and relinquishes its control, the soul and the ego work together in harmony and the enlightened master appears.  We look to the sky waiting for answers. Look no further. Look into your heart and see the enlightened master that lives inside of you.  If you want to know what it feels like, feel and have hope.