Crohn's Colitis: From illness to fearless

Crohn’s Colitis: From illness to Fearless

I have people ask me a lot of questions about when I was sick and how I healed, and I have helped a few too.  It comes down to this for me: there is a faith that comes with healing yourself, a belief, a strength, a power.  That power is that you can do anything if you set your mind to it.

I joke with my students and friends about how everyone  needs a good disease.  If you dig deep down inside yourself and do the work, really do the work, and your effort and sweat pays off, you have such a reward and a hero’s story to tell.

I look back now at how I just made a decision and said no to surgery when doctors wanted to give me a colostomy bag.  I had no master plan. I had no ideas about what I was going to do.  I had the thought that if I got much worse I would just get the surgery but at least I could say I tried.

I figured I had nothing to lose. I figured the surgery had my back and the doctors would put me back together again.  So I stopped playing it safe and changed my diet to what I thought might help my bowels.  My wife supported me by trying different things and gave me money to buy books and I started studying. I made learning about myself a priority.

The feeling that I had nothing to lose propelled me into the person I am now. I became fearless.  My cure was meditation and controlling my mind. Diet and working out played a part, but it was me learning to control my mind that turned everything around.  That might not be your bag, maybe meditation is not it for you.  But what is?  What is your belief? What is going to heal you?  No matter what it is, you have to have faith in yourself and support from the people around you.

My wife marvels at what I have done in my life.  I think if you asked her she would say she supported me but I think she’d also admit she did not see the big picture.  The funny part is I did not have the big picture in my head when I set out. I was flying by the seat of my pants in those days.

That is why I created this whole blog to start with. I had no one saying to me “you can beat this”. I had no one sharing what they learned on their path to wellness.  I really want to say to everyone, “you are not alone and you can heal”.

If you have any questions please blog them to me.