Crohn's Colitis: Meditation The Key to the Universal Spirit

Crohn’s Colitis: Meditation: The Key to the Universal Spirit

Meditation: The Key to the Universal Spirit

We have been talking heavy stuff for the last 19 posts.  Now I want to talk to you about meditation.  Meditation is a gift; it is a right, and a pathway to deep peace.  My story of meditation is plastered all over this blog.  I used meditation heal my Crohn’s Colitis, and to center my brain. It helped me break through the limitations of dyslexia, ADHD, and my life.

I have been meditating for over twenty years and I will never be able to give you the true beauty of meditation using any language or with any printed word.  When you move past using meditation to observe your thoughts, to change your health, or manifest the life you want, you start to see something bigger than these thoughts, this health or this life. You start to truly grasp that you were never born and you will never die.  You understand that your body is just a vessel that carries your never-ending life force, and when this vessel is too small to carry your life force any longer it morphs and creates another vessel to keep moving on the journey of spirit.  You, your ego, begins to understand how small its job is compared to the journey of the spirit.  You become in awe of your deeper self.

Meditation is the pull cord to move  aside the drapes of the ego that blind us to the universal truth of the never ending life we call spirit. Connecting to spirit this way is nothing you can learn to do, it is not a trick, or a secret. It is the moment that you understand and you accept the path that you are walking in this vessel.  It is knowing to look at every situation and ask, why? It is to look at every person and say, what am I learning? It is to know change is your friend.

Meditation is the key to opening the door to the universal spirit  that is yours to behold.