Crohn's Colitis: My Cover Story

Crohn’s Colitis: My Cover Story

My Cover Story

No, I am not a spy or a secret agent. I am Bob and my cover story started 47 years ago, in a small town surrounded by my family and a house on a lake. We all have a cover story and though not everyone is affected the same way, many of us have become something or someone based on what the circumstances around us have been.  My story started out with me feeling like a second class citizen. Not that I or my family was, but that was how I felt.

Another part of my cover story was that I was not too smart or good looking. I was going to be a factory worker and I was going to work hard my whole life.  But I knew how to work and work hard so it would not be a problem, meaning I always would have a job.

In my cover story I would marry and have kids and I would do fine.  I would go to church and I would be a good human being.  This cover story was the one that was applied to me from my family and probably handed down from my parents and from one child to the next because of our life situation.  Actually, each brother or sister got their own cover story but I am just sharing mine with you.

Well my cover got blow away when I turned 18 and started doing drugs and alcohol. From that day forward my story changed and I took it upon myself to create my own story.

Ok, back to today. I am talking to you about what a cover story is and gave this example from my life to help you in noticing your cover story and how it affects you, and how you can break out of it.

A cover story is the story that has been woven together to create who you are today.  Think about this.

Here is another example: What if from the day “Johnny” was born he was told that he was going to be a doctor?  His parents would get him doctor toys.  They would tell him starting in kindergarten that he would have to study hard to be a doctor.  When he got a little older his parents would tell their friends, “look at little Johnny, he is going to be a doctor” and little Johnny would look up and smile.  This is the beginning of a cover story for Johnny the doctor.

What happens if little Johnny becomes a doctor but in his heart of hearts he wants to be a farmer?  How would Johnny feel?  What if Johnny was not smart enough to be a doctor and flunked out? How would Johnny feel?

Can you see a cover story in your life? Now, how does your cover story affect you?  Can you think of things that were created around you in this way, as you grew up?

Here is one other thing I want you to think about: how would you feel if you are in complete control of you story?  Your cover story was based on your life situation, the things that surrounded you on the outside. When you start seeing that you can change your life and make it into what you want, what would you create?  What would you be?

If I was going to help you (which I am not going to do, because I am not going to be your next cover story) I would say, pick one thing at a time that you see holds you back.  Imagine rewriting it. Have fun. Create a different thought and bring it into your life every chance you get.  Think about it.