Crohn's Colitis: My Father and Walking the Path Less Traveled

Crohn’s Colitis: My Father and Walking the Path Less Traveled

My Father and Walking the Path Less Traveled

My father walked the path less traveled when it came to Ulcerative Colitis.  He believed that he was allergic to most medicines when it came to his Colitis.  Plus, medicine cost money and he was not going to spend it on himself, he was going to support his family with that money.

My father believed that he could change his illness through diet and healing vitamins or oils or anything else that made sense to him.  So my father would tell my mother to go to the store or order anything he thought would help through a vitamin catalog.   Then he would test it and see if he got better or worse. He always tried.

I am going to tell you one such story: my father believed if he could coat his intestines with oil he could stop the irritation in his Colon.  So, he started taking one spoon full of peanut oil a day and in his mind he was having some success with it.  Around this time, my wife and I invited him and my mother to a Crohn’s Colitis Foundation pancake breakfast.  While there, we listened to the top doctors talk about the new medicines and new research that they were doing.  At the end they asked if there were any questions.  A few people raised their hands, asked different questions about medicines and treatments and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw my father’s hand go up.

The doctor said, “go head sir.” My father stood up and said, “what do you think about coating your intestines with peanut oil?”  The doctor looked at him and had no real answer for him.  I was more than a little embarrassed for him and myself.  I remember my mother pulling on his jacket sleeve to tell him to sit down.  He was  mad on the way home because the doctor could not answer him.

Now you’re asking yourselves, what does that have to do with this blog and Bob Stickles?  Well here it is: my father was a forward thinker, he thought outside the box.  He would look at a problem and try to figure out the problem without relying on anyone else.  That also rubbed off on each one of his kids. We are all problem solvers in one way or another.

My father was also willing to take a stand for his path. That day before knowing better, I was embarrassed but as I have walked my own path I have learned a lot from my father on that day. I have realized the courage it takes to stand up in front of people to talk about what you are doing and the path you are on.

So for me to make the jump from healing foods to a healing thought or mind was me carrying on his work. For me to make the jump from curing myself using meditation to teaching meditation, is me carrying on the courage he showed.

I have to say I remember riding home that day and saying to myself I will never take him to another CCF pancake breakfast again.  But now looking back at that day all I can do is laugh because I have a drink that I mix up every morning with aloe juice.

So here you go dad. Thank you for teaching me to think outside the box and here is to the power of the mind.