Crohn's Colitis: The Real Deal

Crohn’s Colitis: The Real Deal

I was talking to my wife about my blog today.  She was talking about how there are a lot of web sites trying to suck people in with false claims and outright lies.  So she said, “How do people know that you are for real?”  I said, “I don’t know. They are going to make that decision on their own”. And that is how I really feel.

There is not much I can tell you to “make” you believe, but that is the point, the path to healing I am talking about requires that you come to it inside yourself instead of being handed something.

Her question did get me thinking about what I was looking for years ago when I was healing and got me to realize that my job here is to put myself out there so you can get to know me, to learn about changing your thoughts and have the chance to decide for yourself how you feel about the path I am talking about.

As we talked I told her that my one hope is that people see the sincerity I put into my posts.  I hope my “realness” is clear by the in-depth knowledge that I have about how sickness works inside the mind and how it affects our lives.  I hope it shows that I have done the work. So she looked at me and said “so how does that prove anything? How do they know that you are for real?”  Then she walked away and smiled and now I am front of you writing this post.

I cannot prove anything to you without having you look at my medical records, check my ID, look at my track record at my job over the last 26 years of working manual labor 48 hours a week, or even better have you stand there when I am getting a colonoscopy.  So better, I am going to tell you what’s in it for me and its simple: learning, healing and helping.

When I was taking martial arts for about 8 years, the last few years I started teaching it and that was when I truly understood what I had learned and I began to see that when you take on the responsibility to teach, it makes you better at your craft. It is the same with meditation and the healing arts; I also teach them and through teaching, learn. I believe that sharing my knowledge with you makes me a better meditation master and a better master energy healer.

Working with thoughts, working with the mind, changing the thoughts that make us sick and changing them to thoughts that heal has worked for me and I know it can work for you. How do I get you to believe, how do I get you to try, how do I get you to have faith? I really can’t. It’s up to you to have faith, to believe, to give this a try.  But I am here to encourage you. I can show you where I have been and what I have learned and how to work it into your life. The best part is, when times are tough or health insurance is not footing the bill, the route of changing your thoughts is free.

If in sharing what I know and how I healed, one person believes, then I did well.  If one hundred believe or a thousand, that’s great too.  But there are millions more sick.  I know meditation works for Crohn’s Colitis and in my heart I believe meditation will work for every autoimmune disease. That is what I believe, that is my thought that heals.

One day I hope this blog turns into a book about how to heal using meditation and changing your thoughts. I feel like I found a bucket of keys that open a door that everyone wants to walk through and they are here for the taking, free of charge, if people just take a moment to look.

If you want to know more about me, I teach meditation classes in the local area where I live.  I help people with my hands-on healing energy work, called Body Energy Balancing.  I am an accomplished Distance Healing Master. These are tools I offer to help in healing. If you want to explore more about me, here are my other two websites: and .

I guess this is the end of this post, I hope it was real enough.  I guess if I was going to leave you with one thought I would say I want to help.  Have a good day.