Crohn's Colitis: Two in a Million

Crohn’s Colitis: Two in a Million

Two in a Million

I am so happy I found someone else who has healed themselves of Crohn’s Colitis, I am not alone.  It was nice to hear from because it confirms that it can be done.  I know there are many more of you out there too.

For a while, I looked through all the blogs on WordPress that had to do with Crohn’s Colitis and any subject that had to do with intestines, to see what people are saying. After I got through reading about raising money for a cure, what Crohn’s Colitis is, or blogs trying to sell me something, I found that they all had something in common: they told me that there is no cure.  Well I am telling you, it is a lie.

Your mind set has everything to do with curing your illness, any illness.  I got sick of being sick and I promised myself and my wife that I/we were not going to have a life like my parents did.  I set out to prove that there was a cure.  I found my cure, it happened to be meditation. Angel709 happened to find her cure a different way.  I have a friend who is mixing yoga and meditation and she is finding her cure. Check out her website I think you will enjoy it. The point is, there is a cure.

This movement that we are creating is finding your cure.  It is sharing your information and being open to hear what others are doing and maybe try something new and find a combination that works for you.  Like I have said, the cure is inside of you. 

What are you doing yourself to heal whatever illness you have?  What are you doing for yourself?  One of the things that I want to point out is yes, I am healed, and I did it using the medicine.  Medicine was one of my tools. It brought me to a place where my body could hold its own.  But eventually I had to remove the medicine from my body because the side effects were killing me and my body still had to improve and thrive.

That is where meditation and everything else came into play for me, it was a tool, the next step from the medicine to keep my body improving and thriving. Angel709’s story is different but also important to share.

Come, join the movement. Share your healing stories.  If you are still having symptoms of your illness that’s ok too, share your story and what you are using to help yourself through your symptoms. The cure is not the medicine you take.  The cure is what you are doing inside of yourself.