Crohn's Colitis: Wellness Round Table

Crohn’s Colitis:Wellness Round Table

Wellness Round Table

Ok, I stuck my neck out, I want to start this movement of bringing people together to brainstorm on how to use our minds to heal our bodies.  How do I, and the people reading this, start this dialog?  Come on everyone, you’re reading this, you must have some feeling: bad, good, indifferent…something.

I have healed myself using my mind and I am sharing how I did it  because you have to work the mind like any other muscle in your body.  Meditation is not an easy exercise to do; actually it is so easy that it is hard.  The only goal that you have is to practice.

Sometimes  you practice and you have one good meditation session and you think you got meditation and how it works. Then you spend the next month trying to recapture that feeling from that one session, to no avail.  Then you give up and just sit and breathe and  you get a session that is better than the one you had before.

When you try to meditate, the chatter of the mind runs away and you end up chasing it around your mind.  Instead, if you sit still in the middle of your mind while meditating, the chatter of the mind will run around your mind until it gets tired and eventually sits to watch your breath, with you.

I hope this open dialog with you helps you. I hope it opens you up to ask questions and make comments.  I hope you share this blog with people who are having a tough time with dis-ease in their lives and people who are healthy because they just might enjoy reading it.

Please sit around the biggest round table called the world. Share with them, share with me.

Thank you.