Crohn's Colitis: What is Life

Crohn’s Colitis: What is Life

What is life?

Life is a circle, a straight line, it is hope, it is despair, it is pictures, it is feeling, it is smelling, it is touching, it is hearing and sensing the energy of others, it is looking into the eyes of a loved one and feeling their heart beat, it is looking into the eyes of a person you hate and feeling true anger.

Life is what you create. It is a breath, it is a series of breaths linked together, it is the pause between every inhale and every exhale.

Life is so rich in texture and grace. It is watching a baby grow in the womb and explode into the world with that grace and wonder. It is watching a loved one take their last breath and feeling them find freedom once more as they leave their body.

It is understanding that life is not limited by who you are, or what color you are, what you believe or who your god is.  It is a series of moments strung together like beads on a mala.

Open your mind to the possibilities of change; open your heart to believe that you are not just a mailman or a housewife or fork truck driver or an office worker.  You are beautiful and wonderful and you are not stuck here.

Life is so rich with sights and sounds and touch.  Open, you truly feel everything.  Touch a beautiful flower, become it and be it.  Touch a thorn, feel the sensation of it, become it, be it.  This is life, this is life.