Crohn's Colitis:Medicine a tool not a cure

Crohn’s Colitis:Medicine a Tool not a Cure

I am going to be blunt on this post and it could leave some readers upset, but it’s important.  I believe medicine is a tool, not a cure.  Looking back twenty years ago I was taking medication for my Crohn’s Colitis and I believed I was going to be on that medicine the rest of my life.

One day in the doctor’s office the doctor told me I could not take that medication anymore and I was going to have a colostomy bag. I asked why and he explained that my liver and kidney functions were off, one of many side effects of the medicine, and I did not have a positive response to any other medicine. They said if I kept taking the med I would harm my other organs.

This was a life changing moment for me; it forced me to evaluate the role of medication in my health and the path ahead. Doing that also made me look at my history.  My father had Ulcerative Colitis for about 65 years and could not take any medicine for it. He lived to age 89.  Out of the ten children including me, six siblings could or have an intestinal problem.  With this history the idea of living without effective medicine was already taught to me through watching my father.  I watched my father suffer all his life with this disease but it did not kill him. I looked around and figured if my father could bring up ten kids, work every day, and be the sole bread winner, why not me? Trust me it was hard on him, our mother and us kids.

I am no doctor and my primary care doctor told me I am one in a million to do what I have done healing my disease (check out my posts “One in a Million” part 1 and 2). Here is what I know. I believe everyone has a weak spot in their body and mine is the intestines.   I believe Crohn’s Colitis is a stress related disease.  I believe I learned how to deal with stress by swallowing my problems and it manifested into an autoimmune disease called Crohn’s Colitis.  I believe that I was swallowing poison (stress) 24/7 and my body had no recourse but to rebel.  I believe the medicine helped me feel half way good but it was not the cure. 

Remember, this is one person’s beliefs. It may or may not match up with your beliefs.  However, the mind is a powerful tool, just like medicine. People can change their heart rate just by focusing the mind.  People change the temperature of their body by focusing their mind.  I believe people can heal dis-ease by focusing their mind.

I believe an unfocused or a stressed mind can create dis-ease. When the body is under attack from stress it triggers the fight or flight response which takes a toll on your body.  If this is left unchecked the unhealthy energy looks for the weak spot in your body to alert you that you need to address this problem.  It is your body’s way of talking to you.

When using medicine it is a tool. It can help reduce some of the symptoms. It can calm your body and give you a sense you are getting better. This break might give you the chance you need to start learning to focus your mind. But, medicine is only masking the symptoms, a band aid to protect the wound while you heal.

Healing comes with focus on the inside, finding what is triggering your illness and solving the problem and curing the dis-ease.  Ask yourself, why would the body attack itself?  I asked myself that question back then and it became clear to me that my mind had some crossed wires. Another question: if you solve your illness with medication, where does the unhealthy energy go next?  What is the next body part that is going to be affected?  Where is the dis-ease going to settle? Your body is telling you something and it will keep at it until you listen.

In hind sight it is easy to say all this because I have been healthy for the last twenty years and doing well.  As I was going through it, there were hard times, but my biggest belief is this: with a focused mind you can cure your disease; medicine is just a tool to get you there. 

I am not saying give up your medicine.  I am saying work on focusing your mind, gather your strength for the day  you can live free of medicine and be symptom free.  Find what triggers your flare ups, focus on your intestines and see them happy and whole no matter how your day went.  Look back at your life, how did the people that matter handle stress?  How do you handle stress?  How can you improve habits that you run your life with to change and help your body heal?  Take back the control of your body by taking back control of your own thoughts and mind.  Make positive changes in your life and watch what happens.