Crohn's Colitis:Symptom free

Crohn’s Colitis: Symptom Free

Symptom: (simp’tom) n. a sign or indication, esp. of a particular disease.

Symptom free: no sign or indication of a particular disease.

Cure (kyur) n 1, restoration to health. 2, a method of treatment. 3, a remedy.  –v.t. 1, heal; make well. 2 remedy (an evil) 3, preserve by drying or salting.

I wrote down the definitions of symptom and cure for a reason.  In my mind I have cured myself of Crohn’s Colitis.  I live a very normal life. I eat what I want, I have one solid bowel movement a day.  I have no cramping or anything that is even close to abdominal discomfort associated with my digestive tract. I have a good appetite and plenty of energy and I don’t take any medicine at all for Crohn’s Colitis. I have been this way for the last twenty years.

I am telling you all this because I was told in a colonoscopy that I had few ulcers on my intestines.  This is where some people get confused. If I have a few ulcers on my intestines but I have no symptoms of the illness does that mean I am sick?

Did you know that we all have cancer moving freely through our bodies?  But not until that cancer creates a symptom do we think we are sick.  So cancer cells are moving around our bodies not causing any trouble and  have not created any symptoms. So are we healthy or are we sick?

I believe in my heart that our bodies are all perfect.  I believe my intestines are perfect because no one else has my DNA or genes or you could just say, my finger print.  So, how can you compare my intestines to anyone else’s?  That is like comparing oranges and apples and it’s not fair to either one.  I believe my intestines are alright with few ulcers I believe that they are doing their job of keeping me healthy and most of all on the right path.

In my late teens and early twenties my intestines screamed and yelled and that got my attention.  They made me take stock in my life and made me live up to my full potential.  I owe a great deal to my intestines they have made me who I am.  Crohn’s Colitis saved my life and then gave me one.

What are your intestines saying to you?