Doing the Right Thing

Crohn’s Colitis: Doing the Right Thing

Doing the Right Thing

I am not going to say I made mistakes when I was finding my way to healing my body.  What I will say is that I wasted time getting sidetracked on my way to healing my body.  However, there was one place I believe I did the right thing and that was the way I got off medicine.

The medicines that worked for me (but were not good for me) were high doses of steroids.  They kept my illness under control for 5 years. Over that time I took doses ranging from 20 to 80 milligrams.  Anytime I would reduce below 20 milligrams I would start losing weight and my flares would start.

I am writing this post with a lot of hindsight involved.  Now that I am looking back I see that dropping down the medicine was 95% mind and 5% medicine.  When the doctor would tell me to start reducing the dosage I would say to myself “here we go again.”  It took me some time to realize it, but that statement right there was pretty much telling my body “ok, time to get sick.”  And guess what, I would start losing weight and then I would pop it back to 20 milligrams and gain the weight back.  Back then I had a large supply of pills. I could do what I wanted for dosage and I did play with it.

When the doctor told me I had to get off the steroids because they were harming my body, and my new cure was a bag,  my supply was gone.  I needed to get my body off steroids and I also had to get my mind off them.  I think the mind was the tougher of the two because the body would adjust. My mind needed a safety blanket and the pills were it.

I had to create a new blanket.  It was food and it was body weight. In my mind those things were what health was to me.  So when I reduced my medicine I was cutting tablets into dust and licking it off my fingers.  I reduced my medicine at a turtle’s pace.  Food became my medicine. I ate everything that was good for me and a lot of it.  In my meditation I added visualization, seeing a body weight scale and it reading five pounds heavier than the body weight I was.  I created a state in my mind where my body was healthy. That became the state I lived in and still live in.

I am sharing this with you so you understand better what I did.  Will this work for you? I don’t know.  However I do want you to see that I had a plan and I created a way to support myself in my plan so that it worked.  You are going to have to create your own plan to have it work.  This is the part you need to take responsibility for. This is your health.


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