Don’t Be Fooled

Crohn’s Colitis:Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t Be Fooled

In my years of doing healing work I have talked to many people about how to heal yourself. I have many people come to me and tell me that they want to get off their medicine or “have to” stop their medicine for some reason.  Then they look at me and ask, “well, what do I do next?” Here’s how I usually answer:

Let’s talk about a little common sense for a second here. First I am going to ask you is this:  Have you told your doctor what you are doing or what you are planning?  Second I am going to ask you, what are you doing right now for your illness?   Third, what are you willing to give up to heal and how much are you going to change in your life?

Telling your doctor what you are doing is very important because the medicine you’re on is trying to heal you in its own way.  You need to know why the doctor has taken that particular route for healing.  Plus you have to look at the side effects of getting off the medicine. Always remember to be smart and see what you’re getting into. 

I have asked you what you are doing for your illness to have you think. For example if you are still smoking and you have lung cancer think about it, does it make sense? What’s the first thing you could do to step toward health?  If you have sugar diabetes and you have not refined your diet to the best of your abilities, then take a look. See what could be your first step.  This is change. This is work.

The last question asks how much are you willing to give up and how much change are you ready to make?  Your life is connected to your body.  Look at the body, it will tell you what kind of life you live.  If your lifestyle is making you sick then you need to change it.

What I have done to heal myself was not easy.  It was a complete change in how I thought, how I treated my body and how I lived. Is it impossible? No, it is very possible! I did it and that means you can too but don’t be fooled.  Make a plan. Use common sense. Use the knowledge around you.  Make the changes that need to be made in your life and stick with them.  Then ask yourself, when you make positive change in your life, don’t you already feel better?