Emotion: Finding Tools to Find Your Cure

Crohn’s Colitis: Emotion: Finding Tools to Find Your Cure

Emotion: Finding Tools to Find Your Cure

I talk to you a good deal about meditation and thought.  I don’t talk to you much about emotion.  I grew up in a family where we learned to hide our emotions so we didn’t get hurt or ridiculed.

I kept my emotions under lock and key, inside my body.  I spent the first 18 years of my life bottled up and I did not know how to release them.  These emotions found a way out of their prison, which was my body, and its name was Crohn’s.

Meditation and exercise were the beginning of my early healing, my release program.  Later, reading about spirituality and thought brought me to the next step to understand a little about emotion.  Books gave me a foundation of sorts and some tools for looking into my emotions however, I learned that it is experience that gets you to understand emotion.  It is sitting in a room with your family and hearing your mother say to your father, who is lying on his death bed in the next room, “It is alright. I am safe, you can leave now.”  It’s watching your spouse care for her mother who has Alzheimer’s, knowing that the person with Alzheimer’s is being who they are right now. And even so, feeling it when you see your spouse dragged from hell and back because they think they can always do something more. 

I remember when I was creating health for myself, I started releasing my emotions and years of pent-up frustration, hate, pain, love, and confusion.  It took a couple of years to dig it all out from every corner of my being. 

Dealing with emotion is a balancing act. It’s learning that emotion can be raw. It can unleash love or great hurt and pain. It’s learning to find the right tools to deal with emotion in the present moment. 

It is learning to understand the old emotions of your past so you can move on instead of clinging to them.  This is your life. You need to live it, and the old stuff does not work any longer. 

It’s also learning the tools for the future.  Meditation is the tool which has taught me how to watch what I am thinking and feeling.  It gives me a clear view before I move my thought or emotion to the outside world. 

Emotions are part of us all.  I have hidden from them, I hid them from others. I have poured them all over the floor with no control and hurt myself and others.  I have learned and tried to use them as a tool like I use my thoughts.  I will be truthful, emotion is a powerful energy that needs respect and understanding.  The power of emotion helped create my illness. I needed to find tools to deal with that power so I could heal. Dealing with emotion is different for everyone.  Find your tools and you will discover your cure.


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