End of the World

Crohn’s Colitis: End of the World

 End of the World

Last weekend was the end of the world for someone.  Every second of every day someone dies so technically the prediction last week was right.  Someone’s world had ended, someone passed on.  But this sort of end of the world is not what this post about.  I am talking about looking at what we can do, those of us left on this thing we call the earth, to make the most of life.  I am talking about you and me and looking at our lives like they were going to end tonight at midnight.

When people tell me that they are missing life because of circumstances of their life like work, family, health or beliefs or they tell me if they could only do “this” it would change their lives, they are saying their life would be better “only if”. I do the same thing but, I understand the same problems are going to be waiting when an obligation is released or the novelty of a change wears off.

So what makes us change?  What needs to change? What is the thing that really needs to be different to live life to its full potential and end the world of “only if”? I believe it is thought. What thought would make our lives a success and make us  realize we are complete inside?  Is it god, the here-after, the present moment? What?  What if you were limitless? Do you think you would be happy and complete?

I talk about creation all the time but, what is the ultimate creation? I believe it begins with thought.   What thought or group of thoughts would make you and your lifetime on this earth complete?