Fake it to you make it

Crohn’s Colitis: Fake it Til you make it.

It’s real good for me to write this blog, I see how far I have come because it brings me back to that time when I was sick and what I needed to do to find health again.  I am calling this post “fake it til you make it”.  This is not about being fake, it is about encouraging your body to change by using your mind. There were things that I did to help create a healing thought landscape in my mind for myself. Here are some of those things:

  1. I nicely asked the people closest to me not to ask me how I was feeling every two minutes. If I was feeling good I did not want to be reminded that I was sick and if I was feeling poorly I did not want to explain it to everyone.
  2. I started to question myself. For example, with the urgency that comes with Crohn’s Colitis I started to ask myself, do I really need to go to the bathroom or was it because going to the bathroom at a certain time or place had become a habit?
  3. I did not get sick until I was a late teen into my early twenties.  I would ask myself and say out loud: “I did not have this disease at fifteen, so why now?” I started looking for what changed in my life. 
  4. I started eating what felt good to me. 
  5. I took the power out of going to the bathroom. I did not let my bowels dictate my life.  If I had the runs I had the runs and  I got to the point I did not care, I would carry on with any plans I had.  Plus, I stopped caring who was in the bathroom with me in a public place.
  6. The biggest one of all: I meditated on my healed intestines and encouraged myself that my body just had to catch up to the healthy image I created.  I turned the tables on my brain and my sickness became what you might call my dream world and my half hour meditation became my real world. 


Over time my real world expanded from half hour of meditation to my whole life. Yours can too.

If you have any questions or comments please leave a post, plus stay tuned as I download my brain on this blog.   Have a great day.