Finding Happiness

Crohn’s Colitis: Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness

I have a continuous theme that comes up from people in their questions to me: “I just want to be happy, what can I do? I can’t seem to find happiness.”

Here is one answer to this troublesome question: Happiness is not a reward or something that you find.  It just is.  Happiness is looking at a situation in your life and seeing the good.  It is about being able to see the negative and also being able to see the positive in every situation.

There are stories of people who were in prisoner-of-war camps who did nothing to deserve the treatment they received, but they found a way to see happiness in the worst of conditions.  There are stories of terminally ill people who discovered an upside to their diagnosis and it was seeing life through the thoughts of happiness.  These stories are about people who started to understand that life is short and they needed to embrace every moment of everyday; to get by the weeds and take in the beauty of the flowers.

Happiness is not a pill you take that is going to remove the trouble or sadness from your life.  When a situation is presented to you, look at it.  Look to balance it by first asking yourself, “what good can come of this?”  Next, look at the situation and ask yourself, “what challenges could come with this?”

Happiness is the balance between the positive and the negative. It is the middle.  It is not the good or the bad, it is the center.

Finding your center is happiness.  Life is short. Live like you are terminal.  We all are.