Finding Your Soul

Crohn’s Colitis: Finding Your Soul

Finding Your Soul

Finding your soul is the theme of many books that I have seen and read.  As I was driving home from my local bookstore I was thinking about this idea of finding the soul and it made me question:  Can you lose it?  Where does it go if you’re not using it?  Do you have one when you’re born, or do you create it?  So many questions and so few answers. The funniest part of any question of soul is that no one else can answer it for you. 

I am going to share the story of soul that I choose to believe.  Soul surrounds me like the water of the ocean around a fish.  If fish could talk and you asked them the question, “how’s the water,” they would ask, “what’s water?” That is what my ego thinks when asked about the soul.

Now imagine this. Imagine a big wave casts a fish onto the beach and leaves it flopping around on the sand, gasping for breath until another wave comes by and pulls it back into the open arms of the ocean.  What do you think a fish would say then if you asked how the water was?

Meditation is the wave that places me on the beach and brings me back to the ocean.  It is one way to realize how huge and complete the soul is. My ego is a small fish compared to the ocean of soul.  Only once I realized the difference between soul and ego did I truly understand my soul was never lost.