How I stumbled onto my cure for my Crohn's Colitis

How I stumbled onto my Cure for Crohn’s Colitis

In between flare ups in my mid twenties, I was lifting weights and reading a lot of muscle magazines.  I was looking at diets and stuff like that, trying to find something to help me gain weight and pack on some pounds before the next flare up happened.  I came upon an article called something to the effect of “Lifting Weights With Your Mind”.

I read the article and they talked about how the mind does not know the difference between something that is made up or the truth. They talked about how you can create the weights that you want to lift in your mind, making the lift so real that the body reacts and muscles twitch. They encouraged the reader to create the whole scene of lifting and make it as real as possible, picturing the weights and seeing yourself lifting them. After you created this picture, this visualization, and made it so real, the mind believes it has already lifted this weight. So, when you go for it for real, the mind has no fear and you lift the weight with confidence even though all along in the real world you never touched this much weight in your life.  It’s called the power of the mind.

Reading this, a light bulb went off for me and I decided to try the same tactics on my intestines and my goal was a solid bowel movement.  I created beautiful, healthy intestines in my mind every night when I went to bed.  I saw myself at a healthy weight; I found a picture of what healthy intestines looked like and created them inside of my body.  Then I pictured myself getting off the toilet and seeing a solid stool sitting there in the water. I worked on every detail of seeing myself well.

To help me along I used to play a ½ hour meditation music tape and work on my visualization every night, picturing my health and strengthening my vision.  It took time. I also worked on stress relief and learned to let go. I worked on diet too. But, I truly believe meditation is what cured me.

Twenty years later I am healthy and I still meditate but now my picture has changed and I am working on how I can help the world.

I hope this helps you.