I Couldn't Believe My Ears

Crohn’s Colitis: I Couldn’t Believe My Ears

I Couldn’t Believe My Ears

I was recently sitting at my local restaurant having breakfast.  There were televisions with news near the booth where I was sitting so I could hear everything that was going on with the newscast. As I was eating my eggs, I could not believe my ears when the announcer asked, “Should jobs be sacrificed for the planet?”  The story caught my attention. It was about older, coal-burning electric plants that are not running as efficiently as the new natural gas plants.

I am not writing to debate this by any means. I do not know enough about this subject. However, the newscaster’s headline worried me because it got me thinking about whether greed is in the best interest of our planet and our lives.  What are we doing?  For me, the question he asked conjured up a tough image. I imagined a person sitting on top of a pile of money, wearing a respirator, covered head to toe with a suit to protect him from the sun, living underground, boiling water to drink, and collecting bugs for dinner.

I am a person who tries to see things in balanced ways.  There must be a way to have jobs and also have a healthy planet.  We really need to look at what we are doing as a human race.  That imagined person sitting on a pile of money like I just described is not going to be you and me.  We will be long gone if things do not change, poisoned from what greed has done to our planet.

I believe in my heart that as a human race we need to find some balance soon or the price to pay by our generation and the generations to follow is going to be high.  We see it now with cancer and other sicknesses. We see it in the soil our food is grown in and the water that we drink. We see it in the everyday stress that is put on workers today.  And for what? Just to support the man in the suit?  Greed is the true polluter.