In Retrospect

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In Retrospect

I am so happy that I have written this series of posts about heaven, earth and the observer.  Today I was writing another post called Don’t Be Fooled by the Fake Observer (or something like that) but, it felt incomplete because it seemed like something was missing from my idea of heaven, earth and observer.  I decided to put it down and come back to it later.

So tonight, while watching television with my wife, in the back of my mind I was still thinking about this whole complete thought about heaven (soul) earth (ego) and observer (higher-self).  Then, an image came into my mind of a triangle with a dot of light in the center. That dot touched every side of the triangle.

The triangle made sense to me right away. It was the trinity:  the father, son, and the holy ghost; or the mind, body and spirit…my heaven, earth and observer. There are tons of them in our culture.  But when I saw this image I was curious about the circle in the center.  If you’re reading this you might be saying, “Duh Bob, of all people you should know this!” But I was fitting the image together with my thoughts and wanted to write about it. I am going to call the circle of light the universal true-self.

It is not that this post is giving you any more information, it is the feeling of truth that I have flowing through me.  It’s not, about let’s put some smart words together and post them. This is just something being shared through me to you.  What is amazing me is the force and clarity with which this image came through to me and inspired me to write. The missing piece filled in.

Each point of the triangle (heaven, earth, observer) has its purpose and it is the center that balances the whole.  Each point is needed to complete the triangle of self. The center is the combination of all of them, the universal true-self.  Find the center, balance the self, be your universal true-self.