Just a Little Craziness

Crohn’s Colitis: Just a Little Craziness

Just a Little Craziness

There is a deep belief inside of me.  This belief has no borders, no limitations and it is something I cannot prove.  It is some thinking that when you read it might have you think to yourself, hmm Bob fell off his rocker.  But, before you make a judgment please read about it and let it settle in your being.

My belief is this, that no matter how much people talk about peace and love there are just as many people talking about lack and hate.  But talk is cheap.

It’s about finding the most cleansing thought we can find to bring peace to our world, our lives, and to our soul.

As you know I happen to sit and meditate a lot.  Well let me clarify that. I sit and meditate to clear my mind because meditation is a tool to clear the mind. It might take a minute or an hour but with the silence that I have found, I create manifestations.  Yes, that sounds better.

There is a belief that the energy of the earth is changing, just one more thing that is on shaky ground as a true belief. But what if I said it comes back to the energy of thought? What if I changed the word from earth energy to thought energy?  What if I said to everyone that is reading this right now, the energy that is changing is the collective thought energy?  What if our thoughts are changing the world?

You might ask, how do we make the best of that?

I am going to share my manifestation with you.  I sit in meditation, quiet my mind and I focus on my heart. I manifest and radiate positive energy to encourage positive change.  I don’t focus on how, why, what forum, or what path it should take. I just set the intention and manifest positive change. I think of it as putting the energy behind group consciousness, like the sun so the seeds of positive change will grow.

I send distance healing all around the world and that healing finds its way to the person who has asked for it.  I send positive change on a mass scale to people who are asking for it too.

Now what happens if we all sit down, meditate, find our silence and focus on our hearts and manifest positive change?  What if people reading this all over the world at all times of the day and night, seven days a week, 365 day a year, send positive intention when they clear their minds, until…

Wait, until the universe does what it does.