Crohn’s Colitis: Life


When you hear the word life you probably think it means something.  But does it? 

It’s what we put around that word in a sentence which gives it meaning or intention.  What does the word life mean?  What does your life mean?  What do you put around that word in a sentence?

Life is not a list. It’s not about have to get this done or better get that done.  Life is a fleeting moment in time. The thoughts we have around this word control every aspect of what we feel life is.  We see our lives through the thoughts we describe it by. 

So, if your life sucks then it sucks.  If your life is full and happy then your life is full and happy.  If your life is full of pain and sickness then you just described your life.   If your life is doing the work of the universe and sharing the energy of healing and light, then it is so.  If your life is full of wonder about this life and beyond, if your life is (fill in the blank) then this is your life.

Really, how do you describe your life?