Living in a Fog

Crohn’s Colitis: Living in a fog

Living in a Fog

With learning to observe my thoughts I also learned to see the fog around me in my own life and in our culture.

I see a lot of fog with the government. I see how it disguises its ineptness to truly run this country.  The saddest part is that government leaders are in a fog thinking that this is how politicians work and how government is run. We are all in the fog thinking that we have no power to change government or that the government  is a separate entity from we the people of the United States.

Our government is the face that we show the world.  Is the face that we are showing now what you think it should be?

Look at the programs on television. Are they the fog makers? Have you really looked at what is on now?  It’s mostly garbage.  Reality shows portray unrealistic lifestyles or people who are paid to air their “dysfunction” on television as entertainment. Is that entertainment?  Are violence and sex the only types of shows that get good ratings?  Why are we desensitizing ourselves?  Children’s programming teaches kids how to count and say their ABC’s but then encourages kids to ask their parents for this toy or that toy by filling the spaces with ads.

Some of our food is dangerous. The government decides which foods are sold in the market place and what is deemed safe and that is the biggest joke of all.  We get messages about how overweight the country is but look at the state of food that is sold in the United States. The FDA is walking a fine line between money and nutrition.  And the fact is, if we are addicted to sugary foods, we’ll buy more. I believe we are going to see the life expectancy start to go down because of some of the food the FDA is telling us is safe.

Every few years the retirement age goes up but the number of jobs is going down.  To compete with foreign factories, modern companies have learned to automate and that means fewer workers doing more production.  As a worker you ask yourself, how can we keep an older worker working?  The older worker has more health issues than a younger worker.  When I am sixty five or seventy am I going to get fired because I can’t produce what a younger person can produce?  Yes, we have strict laws today against age discrimination but ultimately I am saying, why raise the retirement age and burden a company that is already having a tough time competing with foreign companies?

I know with all these questions we get the answers: “it’s too complicated for you to understand” or “there is no money.”  Well I guess I forgot that the government works for itself right now and it has us by the short hairs. And, who are we  anyway? Just their constituents.  Who are we after the government fogs us in with some big distraction and tells us how they are working hard for us and promises us the world during election time?  I sometimes think they make problems so they can tell us they are going to fix them at election time.

We are living in a fog thinking anything is going to improve waiting for government to change. We have to make the change. Government likes it the way it is.  Government loves making money off our backs.  Why don’t they have the same healthcare we do?  Trust me they are not eating what we are eating.   Their kids don’t go to school with any inner city kids or at a rural school system with no funding.  There are no heroes in government right now; just fog horns.