Living in the World of Thoughts

Crohn’s Colitis: Living in the World of Thoughts

Living in the World of Thoughts

When I was really sick with flare-ups from Crohn’s/Colitis, I had thoughts.  My thoughts sounded like this: “Am I going to make it to work?” “I can’t take another day off.” “There is no cure for this stupid disease; this disease is going to kill me!”

When I made the decision to work on healing myself, I made changes in my thoughts. I have been healed for over twenty years.  Now my thoughts are more like: “What’s for lunch?” “What are my plans for tomorrow?”

If you are truly looking for a cure to your illness, any illness, you need to move your thoughts from sickness to thoughts of health.  I know that some people might say to me, “There is no cure for Crohn’s or Colitis.”  Well that is not true. While “they” have not found a medical cure, people have cured themselves of Crohn’s. 

So my question is, why isn’t the medical community looking to the people who have cured themselves to help find a cure for all?  Maybe it’s time for a new thought.  

Now, imagine just for one second that someone told you there was a cure.  And, imagine that you believed them.  Would you try what they were telling you?  What if it cost you nothing? Would you try it? 

Free The Mind…The Body Will Follow.


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I started a FaceBook group it is called Using your Mind and Thoughts to Heal Crohn’s Colitis. I hope you check it out.