Making of a Movement

Crohn’s Colitis: Making of a Movement

Making of a Movement

I was checking my email a couple of days ago and came upon an email from a big company that wanted to give me $100 worth of free internet advertising. To use it I had to call a number which was provided in the email.

So when I had time I called the number and got a nice gentleman that asked a few questions. One of the questions was, what was I selling? What is my product?  I sat there for a second and said “I don’t sell anything”.  There was silence on the other end of the phone.  I spoke up and said, “I give information on how I healed myself of Crohn’s Colitis”.  The man was very pleasant and listened to me talk and then I told him that I just wanted to use my $100 coupon and that was it.

He was very quick to explain it was not worth it to his company to give me a lot of time because he knew there would be no future business from me after the $100 was gone, but the company would honor the coupon and he was going to pass me off to someone else to set up my account.  I told him that I was going to wait and I thanked him very much and hung up.

This call made an impression on me because it gave me the chance to take a step back and look at what I am doing, what matters to me and why I have put up my websites and this blog.

I am a person who likes to talk and say hi and ask people how they are doing.  I am a person who likes to go to the local Mom and Pop pet store.  I am a person who after teaching my meditation class, takes the scenic route instead of the main drag even though it is longer.  I am telling you this because I find it hard to say hi on the internet or ask you, the reader, “how are you doing?” But that is what I want to do.

One thing that I am very proud of is with the class  I have been teaching at a Mom and Pop Bookstore we have created a community.  After class we have lunch together, we have created a support network for each other, a family, a family of support.

The chance to look at this and evaluate my blog and websites helped me see that what I would really like to start is a movement that brings together people wanting to heal, people who are looking for a miracle, and who want to create that miracle for themselves.  I want to join together people who have created their miracles and want to share their stories and beliefs with others who want to heal, just like we do at my local class.

I say we start creating this network now.  Trust me, I do not know how this is going to work but just like I healed myself, I did not know how it would work, I just put my faith in a new thought. So, if you’re reading this and feel inspired, share it with a friend and tell them to share it with a friend.  Share it with everyone that has a health challenge.  Share it with the ones that healed themselves too, they are the ones with the know how. If you have something to share, post a comment.

I have put out my creation, my seed, now let’s watch it grow.