Meditation and Religion

Crohn’s Colitis: Meditation and Religion

Meditation and Religion

When I first started meditating I was using visualization and creating my healthy intestines.  But, with what I was reading about meditation, every book was talking about the spiritual side of it and finding God.  Authors talked about chanting and mantras and staring into your third eye.  I was reading a lot about Eastern practices and how to know God.

At first that scared this Roman Catholic boy from a small town in Massachusetts.  I could not really talk to my father about this because he would have said I was joining a cult.  I kept reading and learning, trying to look for books that had nothing to do with God but taught techniques for meditation.  I started noticing a trend that meditation was not necessarily about finding God but about training the mind.  As I looked deeper I noticed even the religion I was born into had its own form of meditation.

As I kept meditating I started to explore more spiritual reading and found that to change my life toward health I had to deal with the subject of God and my idea of religion. I started to think of God in terms of spirituality instead of religion. In my search for God I noticed there were many ways to celebrate he/she/it and they were all pointing towards the same end goal. I noticed there were many paths up the mountain to find God, the end goal being the connection to God.

In one brave meditation I asked for God’s presence in whatever form he/she/it wanted to share in my meditation.  I sat there, in a bright light (which maybe I conjured up in my own mind to simulate what I thought God would show up as) and said, “God, I do not know if I am going to hell or not after I tell you this but, from this day forward I am taking responsibility for my own spirituality.  I am not joining any group or church.  I am not going to go through any middlemen any more.  I know I might be wrong to ask for this direct connection with you but I feel this is my path and I have free will and I hope you admire my bravery. I will take the punishment that you feel fit, if I am wrong.”

That was the day my life expanded. It was the day I grew to believe in myself and that I was connected to God.  I feel I moved forward that day, better knowing the universal energy I love so much.