Missing a Perfect Opportunity

Crohn’s Colitis: Missing a Perfect Opportunity

Missing a Perfect Opportunity

Growing up with (and now overcoming) a learning disability, I understand the opportunities that I could have had if I was diagnosed correctly or even if any one of my teachers explored how my brain learned at an earlier age.  It makes me wonder, how many children are not so much left behind but not taught the skills of learning?

When I talk about learning, I am not talking about being parrots of information that they will never need again.  I am not talking about gearing the whole school year around a test so people can judge how the school is doing.  I am talking about paying attention and finding out how each child learns.  I am talking about finding each child’s strength and bringing everything into it so they become so hungry to learn that they use their brain to its highest ability.  This should not only be laid on the feet of the school system.  This includes the parents, culture, school system, and government.  This country needs all the minds it can get.

We the adults of this country need to take responsibility to improve our culture and make a conscious decision to change the system of learning. We need to make our culture more positive and focus on children’s strengths so they can become successful adults. Television is a joke.  The shows are dumbing down the kids of our country.  The shows are dumbing down the whole population of our country.

Our school systems are fighting for money to teach our kids. Does that sound right?  And, does the conveyer belt way of teaching really work?  Maybe it’s time to look at how we teach and compare it to how kids learn.

Our country is in trouble, our schools are in trouble, our culture is in trouble.  Let’s not miss another perfect opportunity to make changes so that instead of leaving children behind, we can turn their style of learning into a gift that could solve the problems of our country and our world.