My Aha Moments

Crohn’s Colitis: My Aha Moments

My Aha Moments

I was asked an interesting question today, something like this: “when you meditate, do you have ‘aha’ moments?”

Lately I have been on a chanting meditation kick. I have been using my 108 bead mala and chanting OM.  I inhale through my nose, following my breath down into my belly with the intention to keep my breath slow, smooth and comfortable.

As I exhale the sound OM, my thumb moves a bead toward the palm of my hand (based on the way I hold the mala).  As I inhale, my thumb moves away from my palm onto the next bead on my mala.

My OM sound starts like this: as I exhale I make an O shape with my mouth and start the O sound from my belly, being very present (and being diligent about it sounding like O). I make the O sound until I feel I have exhaled about half my breath.  At about that time I change the sound to the M sound with my mouth slowly closing. I let the MMMM vibrate in my chest and throat like I am humming.  So, I OM 108 times (once for each bead) and then sit quietly for a while and that is my meditation.

To answer this question:  My aha moments happen all the time. Meditation is the tool that helps me find those moments. Aha moments are when I catch myself and become aware of a thought or pattern and choose to react differently to a given situation.  It is not traveling down the same old path with the same old reaction.  For me an Aha is the space between thoughts. It is not being in neutral and going down the same old thought path but rather, engaging in the path I choose.  It is like saying, “aha! this time I am going to do this a new way and create a new thought pathway”, maybe changing your whole life or how you get home at night.