My Definition of Dis-ease

Crohn’s Colitis: My Definition of Dis-ease

My Definition of Dis-ease

Dis-ease is a common new-age replacement for the word disease.  When we are uneasy in our day-to-day lives, stress builds and it becomes dis-ease. If this stress or dis-ease is left unchecked it starts manifesting inside of the body creating disease. 

My belief is that everyone has a weak spot in their body and this is where accumulated dis-ease can turn into stress that starts to affect you physically. In my body my weak spot was my intestines and as stress built up, I got Crohn’s Colitis. 

Now ask yourself, where is your weak spot? Is it your back, neck, intestines, heart…? 

To create health in my life I needed to backtrack to see where I felt uneasy and see where my stress turned into dis-ease. When I saw how my body manifested stress, I could use thought to turn it around, bring more ease to my life, or control stress or solve the problem.  By not letting dis-ease build up in your life, it will not get a chance to turn into stress and accumulate into your weak spot then turn into disease.