My Tool Bag

Crohn’s Colitis: My Tool Bag

My Tool Bag

We all need a set of tools to help our egos find our way through life. Like most of us, when I was young I filled my tool bag with the tools I learned from my surroundings, my life and the people in my life. When I got sick and started to look at myself I could see that the tools that I had trusted either caused my sickness and/or added to it.  I could also see that some tools did nothing but weigh me down. Then there were other tools in my bag which have stood the test of time and I have kept them.

When I made the decision to try something different to heal my Crohn’s I had to empty my tool bag.  I started researching not only my illness but more important, which tools I would need to fill my tool bag with. I realized quickly that what was important was the bag itself.  The bag is the foundation of thought that you are going to use to create what you need or to tackle a problem. It is your game plan of life.

I found that the tools are just that: tools. They are things you use to do a job. At one time I used an ax to cut down a tree but it was hard work and time consuming.  So I bought a chainsaw.  Should I use the ax for the rest of my life just because it’s in the tool bag?  You have to decide which tool makes the most sense for the job you are doing.

I have changed the tools in my bag many times now.  When I was sick I needed to change how I thought and replace the tools that didn’t work with tools that did.  I needed to pick thoughts that created health and when I did my body started to heal.  Once my body was healthy I knew that to keep it moving forward I needed to adapt my tools from the thoughts of healing sickness to thoughts of living and creating a new life.  As I used the tools of thought to create a new life, things changed again. I wanted to teach meditation so new tools were needed to show me my way from meditating on my own to sharing my tool of meditation with others.  When I began my work as an energy healer, again a new set of tools was needed.

So you can see, as life changes that’s when you start sorting out your tools. I started going through my bag on a regular basis, keeping the tools that worked and replacing the ones that didn’t work.

Now I have created a tool room where I store good tools that have been picked up over the years.  Each tool in my tool room has been forged from wisdom. They have each been heat treated by the test of time. This is where I go to fill my bag with the tools that match the job I am working on.  My life is moving forward and the creations that I am developing are going to need many old tools and more new tools.

Look at your tools of life. Ask yourself if they are working for you.  It is your bag but most of all it’s your life. Don’t let the wrong tools be in the way.  Don’t let yourself down by being afraid of changing your tools.