My True Challenge

Crohn’s Colitis: My True Challenge

My True Challenge

I had an epiphany the other day as I was telling my story.  I was talking to my friend about my proudest moment.  Most people might think it would be when I healed myself or when I started teaching a meditation class.  But for me it is writing.

Ever since I was very young I had problems with English, spelling and grammar. I always felt I had so much to say.  I would try to write stories and they looked so good in my head but I couldn’t get them out through the tip of my pencil.  That frustrated me so much when I was young that it came to the point where I gave up.   My true challenge was not Crohn’s disease but dyslexia.

I tell my students all the time how every moment of my life was set up for me to be here, doing what I am doing with my life right now.  Was Crohn’s given to me so I would have to find meditation to unlock my mind and release my fears about writing?  Was it to gather the strength to believe that I could learn and believe in myself?

Trust me these posts don’t by any means come out looking like they do here. I have help.  But I try and that is all I have to do.  My editor is my godsend. She holds my writing hand and corrects me softly.  She has taught me very well and most of all makes it fun for me to write.  With help, practice and spell check I have built confidence to share my thoughts in writing.

So take a lesson from me; every moment of your life has meaning. It amazed me when I really thought about this and saw that my dyslexia was my challenge and my Crohn’s was my symptom.

Ask yourself: What are your proudest moments? What are the challenges, positive or negative, that have brought you to this moment in your life?