New Beginnings

Crohn’s Colitis: New Beginnings

New Beginnings

There is a new year upon us.  What does that mean?  How does that sentence feel to you when you read it?  Does it make you feel excited or does it depress you?  Is it a feeling of hope or just more despair?

Each year we are reminded that change is possible.  Each year we talk about what we are going to do for ourselves or our families, what changes we are going to make so our lives are better, more fulfilled, more complete.

Each New Year comes and it goes.  It makes us take stock in our lives and assess where we can do better.  When I think about New Year’s I don’t make any New Year’s resolutions.  I believe that the universe is making my plans and I have to be aware as I see them come into my life.  My job is to move forward grabbing the knowledge of my past years being alive and build on them. 

Part of moving forward is looking at the tough times and learning to see the warning signs so I don’t make the same mistakes.  I also look at my triumphs and learn where I can capitalize on them.  I remind myself of my ultimate goal, and I know you may find this unsettling what I am going to type next, but I think sometimes we all need to be reminded:

My ultimate goal is to be ready after I take my last breath, when my heart beats no more.  Life is preparing for taking that leap from the body into what is next.  I am not going to make believe I know what’s next.  I am not even going to speculate on it.  But, like I always tell my classes and my close friends and family, I have had too many wonderful things happen in my life that I cannot explain and I truly believe there is something inside of us and outside of us that I believe will never be understood at this time but I trust it and it gives me hope to keep moving forward.

So what I am doing this year, as I have done every year for as long as I have been alive is, I am going to build onto what I call my life.  I am going to strip away dead weight thoughts and create lighter thoughts of who I am and let the truth shine through.  Letting go of dead weight thoughts and letting the light come through will give me the strength to strip more dead weight thoughts until I am sitting with my truth.

As I walk the path that the universe has laid out for me, I hope I can share my adventures with you.  I hope to inspire you to start uncovering your own adventures by opening your eyes to your own path that the universe has provided.