Perfection as I know it

Crohn’s Colitis: Perfection as I know it

Perfection As I know It

I tell my class all the time that they are wonderful, talented, beautiful, and perfect.  Recently after class a person came up to me asked me a question.  The question went like this: “if you believe that we are wonderful, talented, beautiful and perfect, does that make you perfect?”

My answer is this: no, it makes me in the present moment where words like perfect, damaged, bad, good, ugly, and beautiful have no real meaning or power.  I say things like “you’re perfect” so you can balance out all the thoughts of yourself that are not telling you that you’re perfect and keeping you away from the present moment.  Any thought you have that describes you, if you think about, is not true in the present moment. 

The person that asked the question looked at me and said, “let me get this straight, so you’re saying that you have no thoughts in the present moment?”  The answer is yes. It wouldn’t be the present moment if I had thoughts that described who I am and what I can do.  But, you have to first work with the thoughts you have at this moment and get them to a balanced state.  Most people when they first meet me and try meditation, take a great amount of thought and energy and time telling me who they are not.  Then I tell them who I think they are, and who they can be.

With meditation and time they fight with these thoughts until they get tired. They either quit meditation or they quit thinking and fighting with themselves about some fake person they are trying to be or not be, and they become their present moment.  I hope this answer helps you.